Required Documents:


Passport valid for minimum 6 months as of entry date to Turkey with minimum 2 blanks

pages. For Kenyan citizens, provide the new Electronic (e-passport) passport.


Bank Statement

Statement of income for the last 3 months from the bank.  If one submits a business or company statement a signatory letter from the bank  showing the signatory’s full names  must be attached.

A notarized guarantor is required for people without a bank account. If sponsored, kindly attach the sponsor’s

a) ID/Passport copy

b) His/ Her business Documents that show your full names / employment letter

c) A sponsorship letter specifying your relationship & why they are sponsoring you

If the sponsor is a relative, kindly provide your birth certificates to show the relation.


Proof of Occupation

An employment letter from HR team or your employer if one is employed. Business permits that show your full names like business registration, c12 & certificate of incorporation if self-employed. A student letter if still studying.


Hospital Letter

Acceptance letter from the hospital or private clinic in Turkey showing the information of medical treatment.

Official document approving necessity of the treatment, issued by a health establishment.


Medical Reports

The medical history of the applicant indicating previous treatments/checkups.


Non-Confirmed Hotel and Flight Reservations

Hotel and flight reservations show the specific date, specific period, and specific area you will spend your time in Turkey.


NB: If your documents required are from your country of origin, kindly have them stamped at your embassy here in Nairobi before submitting.

Kindly ask your hospital to send the Turkish embassy in Kenya an email.

For spouses dependent on their spouses documents, kindly attached a marriage certificate that is certified by the ministry of foreign affairs.

For minors, kindly provide a birth certificate & consent letter(affidavit) drafted by a lawyer, stamped with a red seal & signed by both parents. Both parents must be present.

Kindly note that the embassy can request for additional documents after your application.


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